Limitless Reveal - Quilting Straight from the Heart

Limitless is DONE! I'm so excited to finally share the quilt that has taken up most of my year and my 3rd quilt EVER!  If you remember - I sew/quilt differently than most! I'm so proud of a community that is accepting and pushes the boundaries of the textile art industry everyday!

As I started paper piecing my last quilt (the first one EVER!) I knew I wanted to paper piece some more! It was fun and challenging but I combed through all of Wombat Quilts patterns and scoured Pinterest  for star patterns.  I just made them in all different colors - generally if it was a 4" star or smaller I used 1 color, a 6 or 8" I used 2 colors that were close on the color wheel so give some movement.

You can check it out using the link below and how to get the FREE diamond pattern as well!

Foundation Paper Piecing Stars and Improv Quilt setting together 

Karen helped set the blocks together as I arranged them on our design wall (Black wall totally helped!)  We made 5 sections and sewed pieces in between to "improv" piece it together - this is another one of those things mom totally did not think was possible.  I'm a rule breaker I tell ya. 

The sections made it really easy to add embroidery on top of as well!

Once the sections were done - I set to work on the details.  I love sparkle and wanted this quilt to have subtle sparkle and lots of meaning!  I used metallic thread to quilt in some sayings: 

and even used Glitter Thread to outline the bigger diamonds in the pattern: 

One of the last BIG details I worked on was the Glow Thread - a cross shape is outlining some of the stars that can only be seen when the lights are OFF!  It echoes the message of lyrics and the limitless love of God that inspired the quilt in the first place.   This was SO COOL to work with!  I love how it adds extra dimension and another element to the quilt. 

Glow Thread

This was the first quilt that my mom and myself ever Quilted As You Go'd.  We backed each of the 5 panels and additional side panels and I quilted them before attaching a backing.  It was not difficult and made it much easier to work through machine quilting.  We still love that we can quilt our own quilts!

It was an extremely easy process and made the work very quick!  It was easy to do a panel, still have detail, but not be dragging an immense quilt through a machine!

I used a free motion star, loop, heart pattern that I just kind of worked out for the background to echo the star them.  I just did stitch in the ditch when attaching the backing and went over the main pieces where panels were sewn together so you weren't able to see. 

I went with a Rainbow Binding to offset some of the darkness of the background.

Here she is in all her glory!

You can even read the word limitless on the bottom! I love how the rainbow galaxy part turned out.  This may be my first quilt ever to be in a local quilt show.  (non competitive!)

It has been a work of love and almost a witness to my faith in a way! I'm so excited to get this quilt used and wrap up in - the sparkle, the rainbow, the bright, the bold - the MESSAGE all tied together and I could not have dreamed up a better tactile version of this art!

Here's a version with my Disney pictures next to it - I just thought they looked cool - no real reference!

Up close version of the stars: 

This almost gives me chills the way the rainbow and outlying sky glimmer with color!  To watch, tweak, and develop really a work of art transform over months is SO COOL! I could just stare and stare...sounds selfish...I'm excited for others to potentially see it as well though and spreading the message!  The closer you look - the more you see - the shine, the secret wording, the quotes, the detail it all comes together!


  1. Congrats on a stellar finish!! I absolutely LOVE the color flow. Oh, and the rainbow "sprinkles" around the quilt!

  2. Amazing! I’m glad you will put it on display for others to enjoy.

  3. What an amazing quilt. Congratulations! If you want, please link up to Free Motion Mavericks today, or on Thursday with Muv. Hope to see you there!

  4. Wow! This is amazing. You did a great job of spreading your galaxy across the quilt.

  5. This is fantastic! i think it should be in quilt show everywhere!! Amazing and creative!

  6. I am not a fan of paper piecing. But, if there was ever anything that would make me want to try it again this would be it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!!

  7. Beautiful job! I love how it all comes together!


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