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You can Quilt a Queen Size Top with Your Domestic Machine with a Few MUST HAVEs and a Low Budget.

People ask all the time whether you can quilt a king/queen size quilt on your domestic machine.  The answer is yes, but there are definitely some must haves that make it a lot easier!!!
I haven't quilted a king on my domestic machine, but I have quilted this queen using stitch-in-the-ditch and ruler work!!!

Llama Llama No Problama - Llama Lap Quilt

Llamas are so in right now and not just for babies!!!

DIY Canvas Bag Decoration - Endless Options to Make it Your Own

So remember when we made these drawstring bags....  we're coming back with ways to personalize them!  
With the canvas on the front you can use fabric markers, sharpies, or even puff paint to make your bag your own.  I cannot describe how much the kids had decorating these.  We go on an annual trip each year with extended family so each grandchild decorated one to take along.
We even had a special family sewing day to whip these together.  They come together quickly and are very easy to make! We had an 11 year old make an entire bag and even myself and my aunt who would be considered beginners mastered this pattern!

Take a peek at some of the decorating in action.
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