The Ultimate FREE Easy to Sew Lego Bag Pattern Especially for Kid's Travel or Quiet

Do you have a Lego loving kiddo?!  This Lego Bag pattern is such an easy storage solution for Legos or blocks. The best items are born out of necessity right?! 

Legos stored in a bag made with clear vinyl has clear benefit because you can see in it!  Adding the extra D-rings to the bottom make it easier to attach to the carrier!

If you are afraid of zippers - we have a great tutorial on how to sew a zipper found here!

These bags would be perfect for adding to a binder and can hold numerous items - Legos, art supplies, paper dolls (felt), and more!!

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You can also just download the pattern using this link - if you don't want access to the FREE pattern library! (Easier than putting all instructions in a lengthy post!)

This bag is actually part of a larger Lego Carrier that fits right over a BINDER?! 

Who would have thought? 

With Lego baseplates on one side, elastic (to hold minifigures), and even background scenes and educational pieces on other side - it HAS IT ALL! 

Cannot even explain what a lifesaver this has came to be - during travel (perfect for laps), during quiet times (church/restaurant)....and more!!  The whole pattern can be found here!


  1. Hi Karen and Amber! What a great idea. I'm a great-aunt of a 18 month-old boy and his 3 month-old sister, and think I just NEED to make a few of these. As soon as I read Lego . . . I knew they were meant to be. The love of Legos is just beginning, and will be around for many, many years I'm sure. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Thanks!!! My grandsons just love them and my daughter loves the fact that they entertain the kids in the car, church, waiting at Dr. Appts, etc. The kids even get them out when kids come to visit!!!

  3. The D-rings are a great idea as a replacement for grommets. Fantastic project! Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.


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