Lego Binder Bag Carrier - Entertaining Kid's travel toy with FREE pouch pattern

Lego Binder Bag Carriers are literally SEW PERFECT! 

I came to my mom with the idea of well....I like something like this and it needs to have this....and this.... and mom took it to a whole new level! 

SPOILER ALERT: This slips over a binder!!  I'll say it a little louder for those in the back...


For littles and the amount of spills and just plain ease of changing out - this is a lifesaver! This is not necessary a beginner sewing pattern but one that anyone could handle with a little support!

Luckily we have this entire sewing pattern laid out step by step.  You can view it here. 

If you are only interested in the clear zipper pouch - you can get that FREE download here

Now let's get down to why this is such an inventive and stellar idea!  I'll tell ya my favorite features and why this works so well for Legos!

The one side is the exact size needed for Lego baseplates! (how perfect did that work out) 

The second side has a clear pocket (for educational activities/backgrounds that COME WITH THE DOWNLOAD!) This takes make believe to a whole new level and extends the length of time kids are more likely to be involved. 

The right side also had a pocket for instruction storage!  We know how important that can be.

The front can be easily customized with a fun fabric or embroidery as well.

Best uses for the Lego Carrier: 

  • Church - such a gamechanger when this can last through a sermon
  • restaurant - takes up some space but easy to spread out on table before food arrives.  
  • Appointments - endless waiting rooms with germy toys (not for us!).  Easy to transport and bring along
  • Traveling - perfect lap size and contains all the pieces without having falling! 

Here's some of it "hot off the press" when it had to be played with immediately.  The new has still not worn off.  So excited to have this as a grab and go for 



  1. That is a really great idea and it looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks. The grandkids love it!!!

  3. This is a great idea. My boy would have really loved one of these not so long ago.


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