Out of the Dark! You Won't believe Your Eyes with this Sewing and Quilting Thread

Can we talk cool for a moment?! Like radically blow your mind, didn't know that existed cool?
Well....Glow in the Dark Thread!  It's a thing and my naive beginning sewist brain didn't know.  My obsession of thread and especially not commonly used thread is compulsive.  I've used metallic, hologram and glow in the dark thread on my most recent quilt and love EVERY bit of detail it proves!  

Read on about how I used it and a bonus tip when using glow thread. 

Glow thread actually comes in a variety of colors and is SEW Easy to incorporate into your project.  Most of the colors end up with a "green" glow at night so I used the generic white in my project.

Glow thread needs to be "charged" or exposed to light for it to glow in the dark.  With quilts this is easily achievable especially if they being used.

Planning is a huge part of using Glow Thread as you want the effect to visible when the lights are off. Stitching here or there won't do - use a drawing or pattern or outline to really make your work come to life.    I would not recommend Glow thread for piecing as it really won't be seen.
Glow Thread would be best used to quilt or applique where a higher concentration of thread would be seen on top which would best show off the pattern or design.

Here's an example from my Limitless Quilt

The stuff looks so great in person but is notoriously difficult to photograph.  This is with a blacklight so that's why the light shines more blue. 

Below is the pattern of stars I did outline with the glow thread to make in the shape of a cross (again looks much better in person) 

Here's where that pattern falls on the whole quilt itself.  Love!!!

Bonus tip: ** When working with Glow Thread make sure to use a dense stitch on your sewing machine.  A Zigzag stitch on your sewing machine with a longer length and smaller width would be perfect.

Any stitch you use for applique on your sewing machine as well would be one that would show in Glow Thread.

Image result for stitches on sewing machine picture

I've got a penchant for crazy thread! I've used metallic and glitter thread in this quilt as well  Click the links to read about their contribution and how they all tie together.


What thread do you love to use??


  1. That thread is perfect for your star quilt - awesome!

    1. Thanks Susan! This thread is so fun to work with especially on this quilt! As a new quilter, I am really impressed with the ways different threads enhance a quilt! I'm so excited to hopefully get to finishing this quilt in a month or two for the full reveal!


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