Our first Improv Quilt - Taking out the Fear and Enjoying the Process + FREE Diamond Pattern.

The words improv quilt strike fear into the hearts of quilters.  I'm much more of the dreamer (cough...cough.....I have a plan...and will make it happen) and here is history repeating itself once again.  I envisioned drew/planned this quilt for so long.   I knew rainbow and stars but nothing like the ordinary-  no pattern, no rules...out of the box!
Here's where mom (who also authors this blog)- shakes her head and thinks I'm crazy. Eventually I bring her over to my side (just like machine quilting) because her expertise is invaluable!
Read on to see the beginning of the #limitlessquilt 
I started out with lots of star blocks!  I made stars in many different colors and sizes.  I loosely stuck to the rule if it was a small star just one color.  If it was a larger star 8" then I used 2 colors to show transition and some stars got ALL COLORS!
Like I said, rhyme and reason was out the window with this quilt - hence the improv.  Many of my blocks were from Wombat Quilts!  I cannot recommend enough her library of free patterns.  Most were easy enough to do on my own and there is a MASSIVE variety. 

Firework Star - pattern
I'm actually pretty proud that my points lined up as well as they did here (LOL)
Next step was to lay out my quilt blocks arranged how I wanted.  This was made approximately 1000x easier with a design wall!  You can read all about our controversial black design wall  by clicking those links. 

This process involved moving around the blocks again and again before deciding on a layout. 

Next is where Mom came in clutch.  We sized our quilt since we wanted a queen size and then divided the stars into 5 panels.  After we had that part decided.  Mom filled in background fabric between stars to build a panel. 

We made our own pattern for the smaller diamonds that filled the background.  This is a perfect pattern if you are learning to hone your skills!  It really is extremely EASY! and makes for fun cute diamonds for any project - quilt, table runner, pillows and more! 

You can also use this link if you do not wish to provide your email.  Email provides access to our pattern library which includes ALL we have shared.  

We love seeing what you create.  Tag @sewwithsparkles if you use the diamond pattern!


  1. What a wonderful, colorful quilt! I love how each block stands out against the black. Your mom is a good sport and you guys make a great team!!

    1. She is the ABSOLUTE best! Wouldn't be past square one without her! Thanks!

  2. This is a wonderful quilt with an innovative layout. Love your collection of stars as well.

    1. Thank you- the layout was tricky but glad we put in the time. I'm anxious to see it all come together.

  3. Great improv stars, and I love the layout!

    1. Thank you so much Susan! I'm learning so much from your blog since I'm a new quilter - you are such an inspiration yourself!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Wombat Quilts is a HUGE inspiration with her patterns. I love that the paper pieceing was challenging but worth it with the large amount of color in small areas. It was a joy for my rainbow heart to work with.


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