The Pattern That Changed My Life

After falling down the rabbit hole of While She Naps .... read hours of scrolling and consuming her entire online site I was really inspired to write my own The Pattern that changed my life!
I realize my mother introduced herself and her love of sewing and quilting but mine came more in the form of a lightning bolt, figuratively but still!
I'm scrolling....scrolling....scrolling through Instragram (I'm a millennial and it's my preferred social media) in July of 2018....yep just like 7 months ago!  I'm stuck in my tracks by the Alison Glass 
Feathers quilt pattern. This was my lightning bolt!  

I have no sewing, fabric, or quilting experience to speak of (This is mom - she couldn't even sew on a button, hem a pants, etc. I practically laughed at her when she said she was going to make a quilt and then use the paper piecing method which I wasn't even familiar with!- thanks mom!) but I knew I would make this quilt! There was not a question in my mind that it would happen.  
feathers quilt pattern
When I get an idea in my head - I'm completely and I truly mean COMPLETELY obsessed with seeing it come to fruition.  Patience has also never been one of my strong suits :) The next week I got a sewing machine (thanks mom!!), printed my pattern, got a mat, cutter, and thread, and gathered up fabric.  I did know from seeing the pattern that I wanted it in teal, blue and purple. 
I read, watched, practiced and tried and LEARNED, boy did I learn, so many terms, techniques, ways to do things I had no idea possible!
I did have leftover wedding fabric that I could use and be put towards it.  

From then on it was a mad dash of learning foundation paper piecing - so little secret....I don't even think I know how to regular  piece (that's where mom comes in) but this I can do! and working endlessly to piece and sew sashing (what even is that!) to make this quilt happen. 
I'm smiling writing this because there is so much more depth to this quilt that I will write about soon but the exhilaration of really pulling this off is beyond belief!  I have always considered myself creative - I LOVE color and painting has always been my choice of expression until fabric. 

There is something so tangible about the feel, story, weight of a quilt that no other art form can possess and to know I made that.... unbelievable!

I'm also the one that loves sparkle.  Rainbow + sparkle and I'm a happy girl.  
Our mission at Sew With Sparkles is fueling you to be creative through sewing and quilting tutorials and patterns that inspire you!  Thank you for letting me share how near and dear this has become to my heart! Glad you are here!


  1. I can see why that quilt pattern captured your attention! Your's is beautiful.

    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I'm excited as this was just the beginning of the quilting and crafting journey! Can't wait to learn from all the other wonderful projects!

  2. Love your take on the quilt, it looks great.

    1. Thanks Donna - excited to embark on more quilting adventures soon!


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