Sewing Hack: Easy Superhero Costume for the Fast Flying Powerful Kid!

This post might seem a little backwards as it's actually a no sew pattern! (Shocking!) All the avid sewists look away  - shield your eyes!
Sometimes you need an easy project that sparks joy.  

My boys have loved their special superhero outfits and really do not want to take them off! We have to have all the pieces all the time!

Have you seen cuter superheroes than this?!?!

I love this pattern/template because of all the extras! It comes with 
  • cuffs/arm bands
  • belt
  • mask
  • cape!

All easy to cut and sew together!

This NO SEW superhero outfit is a gamechanger!  Easy to assemble and is great for imaginative play, Halloween, and more!  All you have to do is cut it out and a little glue and ironing!!!

My boys love that they each have their own special cape with their name and emblem/superhero power.

This superhero cape and pattern is perfect for the beginner as it takes very few supplies and can be done very quickly!

Pellon 72 is the trick to keeping the material stable for the belt and mask!  Another great tip is to use  "these belts" that can grow with the child or you can simply cut a piece of felt.

Lightning bolts / kaboom  blast  / blazing flames - you can choose colors and emblem it couldn't be easier!

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