Shine like Rihanna with your use of metallic thread - 3 best tips on sewing your perfect project

I love sparkle!  No surprise there!  I love the shimmer, the bright, the oompf it adds to projects --yet it seems it can be underutilized especially in sewing. 
When reading up on this - I naively found that (duh!) it's metal and thread is usually cotton or a fiber much easier to work with.  Then I realized that it can be challenging to work with.  I knew I HAD to use it and if you remember, my follow through if pretty good - so I set out to make metallic thread my friend.... it took some convincing.... some persuasion...but now I'm happy to report we are besties and destined to forever be in each other's lives - what a true love story!
I know this is not the case for everyone so I'll walk you through some tips that can bring metallic thread to your life as well! 
First, here are some of my favorite metallic threads. This was a gift for Christmas and I LOVE them so so much!  The variety to colors - the richness of colors, the quality of thread (huge metallic thread difference. 
Below is using the variegated thread from this collection on my newest quilt! The sheen is a little less in the picture but I wanted to show you the detail and great tension you can get with metallic thread. 

Here is another example of using metallic thread  - this time silver sulky thread.  
The little detail combined with wording that holds special meaning makes my heart swell - you can read all about that quilt here. 
Ok so let's chat about what you need to make metallic thread work for you - again fostering that relationship for the future. A large part of this depends on your machine and certain settings but a few tools/techniques in place will work for all!  and then practice of course.
First, you must have metallic needles.  Not a question - the eye of the needle is shaped different for the thread to work better.  I've also read that turning the needle not 100% forward but ever so slightly to one way will also help the thread flow better.  Really you preferred needle brand is fine - all are made for use with metallic thread.   

Second, having netting for metallic thread makes another guarantee that the process will be more smooth.  The nets go over your thread and ensure a more even flow and less "tangling" of thread 

Next, lower your thread tension - somewhere probably between 2-3.  This is where the practice comes in.  Practicing with your specific machine and the metallic thread you will be working with.  It seemed like I kept going lower and lower (which I wasn't use to) but it really worked well!

*BONUS* if you machine has the option to run thread vertically vs. horizontally this will be helpful when using metallic thread.  

There you have the best tips for working with metallic thread!  It does take practice again to mold this relationship between you, thread, and machine but it does work! I love using metallic thread and look forward to the special sparkle and added pizzazz it gives a finished project!

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