Wondering How To Make your Sewing and Cutting Table ROCK?! Read This!

Does your husband think your SEW CRAZY?  Mine does!!!

I bought this drop leaf table at a second hand place so that I could have a table by my sewing machine for when I quilt big quilts.  I'm not really into the Quilt As You Go (QAYG) yet, so I needed somewhere to lay out my quilts so they didn't drag.  I convinced him I needed it and said we could also use it for parties so he bought into it!!!  The table also servers as a cutting board and ironing board when I'm piecing tops so I don't have to get up from my machine when sewing together quilt tops.

You might also notice that I don't really have a very big room and the table extends into the doorway -  hence the need for a drop leaf table so I can get out of my sewing room when needed.  This was actually the 1st item I bought for my sewing room and then had my husband and dad help me build the sewing table, but that story is for a later date.

When I told my husband that I found a table on-line that I just had to have as a cutting table - that's when he thought I was SEW CRAZY!!!  His comment was, "How are you going to fit that into your sewing room, don't you already have a table?"  Little does he know, that us quilters can be quite creative!!!  I love my drop leaf table, but it's 30" high and works great when sitting, but does not work for when I'm standing and all of my bulk cutting for quilt tops is done standing.  I needed a table that was 36" high and again, because of space restrictions, I needed a table that I could fold up or roll aside when I wasn't in the cutting/sewing/quilting stage which is hardly ever!


Sometimes I have the table 1/2 up and 1/2 down which its 36" x 36" then, but it's mostly up all the way and is 36" x 59".  It sits in front of my design wall, so when I have a quilt I'm designing up on the wall.  It just gets rolled to one side or the other or partially folded and works great!!!

When completely folded its 36" x 13" but I have to admit that I sew/quilt almost every day and my table is hardly ever folded this way unless I want full access to my design wall. 


This table works great for me and my limited sewing space!!!  I might be SEW CRAZY, but had to be creative in making a small sewing space work for me!!!  The price was also right!!!

Oh, and in case your wondering what I'm working on, I'm making swim/toy backpack bags, for the grand-kids!!!  I find myself taking a break from sewing quilts every once in a while or squeezing them in in-between projects!

           PDF Pattern                                                                                                    PDF Pattern
In case you need extra help with Zipper.

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