Sewing Room Showstopper: A Can't Believe Your Eyes Ultimate Guide On How You Can Do This

My sewing room is my Happy Place!!!  I am so thankful and blessed that I have my own little space to do what I do.  It's so nice not to have to pack things up and put away when people come over.  All I have to do now is to just close the doors!!!

If you are not following us on Facebook - this is the original tour that went VIRAL! Check out all the tutorials, tips, and ideas of how to make your sewing room a calm but workable space perfect for sewing and quilting. 

When I was designing my sewing room, I knew I wanted a calm tranquil color on the wall - hence the watery color on the walls!!!  I love bright bold colors, but I wanted my projects to give me that pop of color and not my walls!!!  

My must haves were:  

Design Wall - I was tired of laying out quilts on the floor.  My wall has 2 options - White and Black.  I just roll up the black flannel when I want the white background!!


Ergonomic Sewing Table & Chair 

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Ergonomic Cutting Table

Thread Holder

Stash Areas - I might be an organized person and have to finish a project before starting another, but my fabric will probably never be organized!!! 

 Computer/Desk Area & Storage Cart

Links to things I bought for my room that are must haves.

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