Does your Toddler carry around a blanky? Does your Toddler like tags? If so, check this out!

Do you have a toddler that carries their blanky everywhere and won't go to sleep without it or have a toddler who loves to nub or suck on their blanky tag?  Well I have a grandson  who loves his tag blanky and for some reason loves the green tags!  

This blanky is just the right size for travel 12" x 12" and small enough to not have to worry about suffocation.  I make them with minky and they are just so soft and cuddly to the touch.  I've also learned to make the tags out of the satin ribbon.  You would be surprised - kids can tell the difference if the tags are not satin feeling and are scratchy feeling.  


Sometimes I add extra little items like the dinosaurs or if the baby is born add name, date, weight, etc.  Embellishments can be done with an embroidery machine or a cricut.  I recently purchased the cricut maker and love it!!!  Might be why I haven't posted lately - busy making items with my new toy! lol.

I also like to make all different color tags so when they get to be 2 they can work on their colors if they are still attached to their blanky!!!  

These are so easy to make  (don't require a pattern) and it has become my go to baby shower present!!!  It's just 2 12" squares of minky and some ribbons.  Sew right sides together leaving a whole to turn inside out and make sure you attach ribbons before you sew together.  When attaching ribbons make sure the loop part is facing inside so when you turn right side out they are on the outside!!!  Once I turn right side out, I just top stitch around outside and you can machine quilt also if you like.  So fun and so cute and cuddly!!!  

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