Easy Homemade Christmas Stockings that the Grand-kids will Love & memories for a Lifetime

What do you do when your daughter asks you to make Christmas Stockings for the grand-kids?  You make Christmas Stockings.
My daughter asked me to make the grand-kids stockings for Christmas.  At 1st, I was at a loss for ideas because I had previously made her a counted cross-stitch stocking when she was young and I knew how long that took to make.   All of the samples she sent me were pretty complicated and it was November already.  What to do - What to do!!!
I contemplated just buying stockings and embroidering their names on them, but my daughter convinced me that it would be really nice to have handmade stockings by grandma!!!  
Because of their religious beliefs, they raise their kids that Christmas is about the Birth of Christ and their is no Santa Claus.  Therefore, it made it a little more complicated for me to come up with ideas.  I wasn't sure what I could put on a stocking besides a nativity scene and I had to make 2 stockings, one for each grandson and I didn't want them identical.
Also, I didn't realize the local fabric shops don't carry religious fabric.  I found some awesome nativity fabric on line and everything just fell in place.  My daughter had some fabric that coordinated perfectly, my mom had given me some embroidery floss to sew on the buttons with and my mother-in-law provided the fabric for the stocking linings.  Therefore, the stockings are a gift of love from mom, grandma and great-grandma's!!!!
My daughter was also the person who encouraged me to start machine quilting, so I had to quilt the stockings of course!!!! I recently got a cricut so I also needed to show off my cricut skills with the names.  I have to admit the cricut was way easier than using my machine to embroidery the names - I don't have one of those fancy  fancy embroidery machines and sometimes it's a challenge.
I just based the stocking pattern off of my daughters and I couldn't be more pleased with the way they turned out and they will be memories for the grand-kids to hold on to and cherish forever!!!  They are also reversible and have something on each side.  Oh, and the nativity buttons and snowflakes come from Hobby Lobby - Must have been a sign that it was meant to be!!!

I couldn't be more proud of them and the fact that me making something for my grand-kids could be so special and cherished.  I'll have to update this blog once they are gifted and include a picture of the stocking I made for my daughter when she was young.  

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