The Cricut Maker was a total game changer for me to personalize sewing items vs. my embroidery machine. Which do you use and why?

If you are a sewist like myself, I bet you use an embroidery machine to personalize your sewing items.  At lease that's the way I was doing it until I got a Cricut Maker!!!  It was such a game changer for me and opened up all sorts of possibilities for me!!!

People complain that the Cricut Maker costs $400+, but what they don't know is that if you are a sewist and are use to using an embroidery machine they cost $1000+ and that's a low end machine.  I bought my machine used and although I love it, I find  hooping fabric, knowing which interfacing to use, and then the issue of thread breaking, bobbin running out, etc. to be such a pain!!!  Not to mention having to find the correct embroidery format and item I want to embroidery that my machine can handle with easy is difficult.

Therefore, I bought a Cricut Maker and have never looked back!!!  I love using my Cricut to personalize quilts, pillows, onesies, etc.  It's really so easy to use and takes less time to make than the embroidery machine!

Onesies were always so difficult on my embroidery machine because of the hooping process.  I know people use a floating method now, but I've never learned that.  I like to use the flockstrip vinyl which is soft for onesies.

I still like to applique, but now I use my Cricut Maker to cut out the applique.  It's a game changer and so accurate and crisp.  I could never get this type of a cut if I was cutting the letters out myself and the Cricut takes no time at all to cut the name out and can use any font I can find on  The possibilities are limitless.

My Cricut Maker also can draw so I use it to make all my quilt lables now.  My hand writing is terrible and this is way faster than embroidering the lable.

I made these stocking and used GLITTER heat transfer vinyl for the names which is something that would have been difficult with an embroidery machine because mine always has issues with metallic thread and such.

I still use my embroidery machine on some items like these burp clothes from time to time, but not so much any more.

I bet if you got a Cricut Maker, you wouldn't be using your embroidery machine so much any more.  I find it a lot easier and quicker and a lot less expensive.  I order my vinyl on-line and in bulk to cut costs and I design almost all of my SVG files from googling pics and re-creating my own.  I can honestly say I love my Crictu Maker and the possibilities it has opened for me.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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