DIY Canvas Bag Decoration - Endless Options to Make it Your Own

So remember when we made these drawstring bags....  we're coming back with ways to personalize them!  
With the canvas on the front you can use fabric markers, sharpies, or even puff paint to make your bag your own.  I cannot describe how much the kids had decorating these.  We go on an annual trip each year with extended family so each grandchild decorated one to take along.
We even had a special family sewing day to whip these together.  They come together quickly and are very easy to make! We had an 11 year old make an entire bag and even myself and my aunt who would be considered beginners mastered this pattern!

Take a peek at some of the decorating in action.

All the bags just waiting for their special maker!  We have lots of cousins since dad/husband is one of 13 (you read that right!) kids.

We love our LARGE family and are incredibly lucky that they live close to we can spend holidays together (and much more time!) throughout the year.  They are a huge part of spreading the sewing love through generations. 

My grandmother who is part of my Memory Apron  has sewn and quilted to for many years! Grandma's favorite color is purple so her bag is all decorated and ready to go.

A variety of fabric markers ensures that the kids have choice and will decorate to their heart's content.
The bag pattern can be found here.

Whether it's hearts, flowers, stars, names, drawings, or characters - this special touch means the world to the kids.  It makes it THEIR OWN + they will be easy to differentiate on our family trip!   

I would recommend making these for a young one in your life.  The water bottle holder comes in pretty hand as well for easy storage and use + the mesh is perfect for swim season/summer since it is quick to dry.


  1. Great bags! I love the personalization ideas--so useful for a family getaway. Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.

  2. Wow - the choices the kids had to pick from is amazing. It's a wonder they could make a decision - I would have had a hard time with that. Really cute bags and a very fun project. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. What a lovely idea. The bags look great and it sound like so much fun.

    1. Thanks!!! I had so much fun sewing these. Not sure who had more fun, me and my little assistants that come to help me sew or the family members who got to decorate them!!!


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