How to Improve a Sewing Pattern - Inspiration From the Heart

Customize + Confidence = Success
(our mantra for today...hehehe) 
The second version of our Memory Apron as an easy sewing project was also an inspired piece. Creating an easy sewing project perfect for a gift - an apron is very special for the chef in your life!  
Since we had completed  apron prior using the same McCall's Pattern we'd mention the steps that make a second time around project easier or how to modify with confidence your next sewing project. 

First, you can easily customize a second time around pattern!  We definitely wanted shorter wrap around strings and a little less width than what the pattern called for. We also customized a bottom trim panel as well.  

You can see the added heart details with poems, words of affirmation, a special signature bring this Memory Apron to life.  May not be with recipes, but how the love of cooking was passed down through this easy sewing project. 

This version didn't have any custom printed fabric but we took into account what our receiver would like. 

Second, confidence leads to unique or new solutions.  Cutting, designing and preparing for a second run of a pattern tends to go much smoother and more quickly.  
You already know the order of steps and may have even figured out how to combine or work through steps in a way that better suits yours needs as a sewer/artist.    

Karen added her special label/signature to a heart pocket - you can read all about its meaning and more about quilt labels - here. 

Confidence with patterns also can lead to confidence with new fabrics as well.  Once you have made a pattern with cotton you might want to try different cotton blends, linen, etc.. that can add to appeal but maybe were too intimidating to start a sewing project with. 

Proud recipients of their new gifts.  This really is grandma "smiling" as her old apron would not even come clean after washing.  Growing up with it for many years it has lived through its share of meals. Grandma is not the most sentimental of people.


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  1. Beautiful apron for a deserving recipient! Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.


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