Hankies Aren't Just for Wiping Your Nose or Tears - They Can be a Work of Art and Sign of Love

It's always so hard to find gifts for my mom and dad.  They have everything they want/need and if not, they just go buy it.  They also come from the mindset that you don't need much in life.  They appreciate the gift of time way more than any bought gift these days!!!
Therefore, I try to visit them as often as possible with the realization that I won't always have that opportunity.  So this year for Christmas, I gave mom an apron - you can read all about the apron - here and I gave dad some hankies.
To some hankies might be like giving someone underwear, but its something dad uses on a daily basis and he likes practical gifts.    Mom uses her apron daily and I wanted to give dad something he would use daily as well.
I didn't want to give him just some ordinary hankies - I wanted them to 
be special so I embroidered some special items on them.

A hunting we will go because dad got his 1st deer hunting with me and I got my 1st buck with him.  He was giddy like a little kid and over the moon and back - something I will never forget and cherish the memory forever.  We still go hunting together or simply go out and listen to turkey's gobble even though he has a hard time hearing them.  

Hammer & Nails because dad was a carpenter and he is always helping to fix things for everyone.  He's going to be 90 this year and still going strong but tends to play more of a supervisory/consultative role these days which is still tremendously beneficial.

The dove because that's my trade mark and anything I put it on means that I love You Forever and Always!!!

Now I'm getting all soppy writing this and wish I had one of those hankies!!!  

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