Cushy Careers: DIY Pillow Cover- educational uses for a Kid's pillow

putting the Fun back in Functional decor! 

As a teacher, sewist and mom I wanted to make something that spoke to the educational piece of toys.  Yes there are many great plastic toys out there to buy but pushing myself to think outside the box and really focus on the educational piece for my preschooler. 

Children love career play. It engages their imagination and pretend play which is vital at that age! I wanted to expand on that but have  FUNctional piece that would grow with my boys....and the Cushy Career Doctor Pillow was born!

This sewing pattern focuses on the fine motor skills as well - how to button, how to zipper, velcro while making a fun portable way to play. 

Check out just some of the fun features included: 

- customizable badge for pretend play --- what kid doesn't want to see themselves in their sewing creation! This is great to change out or when they want to switch to a veterinarian!

-patient chart & x-rays! These charts (especially once laminated) can be used over and over.  You can write on the chart for each patient noting specific ailments and remedies on the kids pillow pattern itself!

 - Velcro medical supplies -- needed when working on patients!

and the layout can't be beat! I love that this sewing pattern features a way to "close" the coat and all the gear stays with it! Best part is if they need a new career....just unzip and slide a new one on!

Here's some of our happy camper and his Cushy Career Kid's Pillow Pattern!

He played for HOURS and loved even helping make his pillow cover! He kept asking when can I play my doctor pillow! It was great to have him involved in the process. 

It now adorns his bed among other pillows but is quick to be played with and easy to take on the go for play as well! 

The pattern would be great for someone who has a limited knowledge of sewing.  It includes step by step directions and templates for every part of the sewing pattern.  

This pattern would be great for a beginning sewist to work especially honing beginning sewing skills.  


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