WHAT - A Weighted Binky with Minky - Sew Soft and Cuddly and Sparkly

My love of soft and cuddly and sparkly combined with the comfort of a weighted blanket!!!  It doesn't get any better than that!!!

All my grand-kids are boys so it was a little different and fun working on this precious little girl blanket and pillow for a friend!!!

Did you know you can sew a weighted blanket for about half the cost of buying one?  I'm all about saving money and enjoy the sewing/quilting process.  This weighted blanket is 36" x 48" and weighs 5 pounds (for a 4 year old girl who weighs 46 pounds and 43 inches tall) and only cost me $43.66 and that includes the pillow!!! I go to rummage sales for pillows and just wash them and re-purpose them or use my left over batting.    I had leftover fabric from the blanket so making a pillow was a no-brainer/cost for me :)

See our DIY Weighted Blanket post on how to make a weighted blanket and Working with Minky post for further details/instructions.

Here's the easy technique to use: 

I was in a time crunch otherwise I would have personalized the blanket or pillow adding an extra special touch!!!  Instead, I just used some left over material as a bow to make a nice presentation when gifting!!!


  1. Thanks for the hints on how to make one of these. I know some of our guild members make them.

  2. Come this sewing information comes in handy for your group!

  3. What a sweet blanket! Thanks for the tips.


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