Quilting Notions - what every quilter REALLY wants in their basket this spring

Who wouldn't love a sewing basket for spring?!  I know we would!!! (all the hands up!) We linked up some of our favorite sewing items, sewing needles - all the things you need for your easy sewing projects. 

If you are just learning how to sew or just looking how to enhance your already great sewing techniques then look no further!

ProSeries Scissors with Nano Tip - I love these scissors because of the grip and the tip.

Seam Ripper/Tool Set - What good seamstress doesn't need a Seam Ripper?  I think we all spend way too much time with our Ripper!  Did you know there is a fast way to rip out seams.  Check out this video .  I can't believe I didn't know this since I've been sewing forever and "Jack the Ripper" seems to always be lurking!

The Product you Didn't know you needed: Curved Quilting Needles  If you don't know what these are for, they are to help you tie off knots when hand quilting!

Hand Sewing Needles - love the variety and multi use that you can get from this pack!

Thimble - Everyone needs a good thimble for hand quilting and sewing.  I like this particular one because it's adjustable and you don't need to worry about size.

Magic Clips - I can't say enough about these clips.  I use them all the time instead of pins now.  Great for binding, hemming, etc.  They are just so easy to remove as you are sewing and don't leave holes like pins do in specialty fabric!!!

Once you have all your supplies, maybe you would like to make a kid's drawstring backpack for your kids or grandkids for Easter for them to put their eggs and goodies in like the ones we did below.  These versions of the kid's drawstring bag are VERY easy and perfect for Easter coming up. 
 Water Bottle Backpack Pattern                 Backpack Instructions

Or maybe you would like to make them a Cushy Career Doctor Pillow that you can stuff with candy and/or play doctor items!!!  The grandson is loving his doctor pillow.  He loves to doctor on his animals and me!!!

What will be the first thing to work on with your sewing notions?  Did you see any new sewing needles, sewing projects, or sewing patterns you just had to start on!

We have a growing list of more great easy sewing projects to start on this spring!  Beginner sewing projects are right up our alley so stay tuned for what we have coming up next!

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