5 Things I Do Before I Begin A Quilt

Let's walk through the first time this happened (circa July 2018 - hehe!) and remember I flew, FLEW through making this pattern that changed my life!

I'm generally the time of person that learns as I go and it works for me.  I consume and seek out knowledge as I need it but for those planning a quilt or even veterans here are some tips to make your next quilt process smoother or (dare I say...more inspired!) 

1.  Begin with the end in mind!  
Maybe you have a favorite Pin you saved, picture you saw, or mental image of your next work of quilting art, capture it in a way that you can piece it together.  Meaning print it out, make it large scale if necessary so you can think through how you want to put it together.  Having a pattern here may be helpful!

2.  Is this skill new?
If yes, GOOD FOR YOU!  Thinking outside your box, I've found only expands your potential and pushes you creatively!  You might want to take a class, watch a video, or do some research. I've embedded my favorite paper piecing video EVER that takes the guess work out of it!  

3.  Prep the Scene!
Make a plan and get prep cutting finished.  I love to listen to music or podcasts while cutting to make it go by faster.  With improv quilts - I totally skip this and just work as I go.  Each method has similar results and I listen to the time I have or what I am making.

Note: this is Karen's sewing room!  Amber's is a basement concrete area half covered in dust (no joke!) I love envisioning myself here and only actually sew there when I visit. We can't all have dedicated, organized sewing areas!

4. Double Check Supplies
Do you have enough thread? Do you have bobbins wound? Is your work space organized? What can you prepare to have the smoothest possible start to finish? Thinking ahead ALWAYS pays off when sewing!

If you want to make one of these Threadholders for yourself - check this out!!

5. Time Bound
What is your goal of completion?  Will you need to break down the steps and set deadlines for yourself to complete?  My quilts tend to not need completion by a certain time but I do keep myself working and momentum up in order to keep the ball rolling and moving forward.

You've got the beginning now check out the secret to happy quilts here!

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