Are You Scared of Making Buttonholes? DON'T BE! It's Literally an EASY 1 Minute Process.

Are you like me and avoid buttons and buttonholes at all costs?  Well not any more!!!  I've conquered my fear and you can too - learn how to sew a button!!!


My daughter and I have just started making these Cushy Career pillows with the Doctor/Veterinarian pillow being the 1st.  You can find the pattern for the Cushy Career Doctor Pillow in our Etsy Store Note to self:  Don't let grandkid play with my sewing scissors any more - he cut a hole in his sock!!!

My daughter having a teaching degree, let the teacher in her come out and insisted the cushion have a couple of buttons for learning purposes instead of Velcro closures.  I told her buttonholes are going to scare some beginners off (including me and I'm not a beginner) and suggested Velcro.  She wasn't having it and said we can just list Velcro as an option.  Hmmm  my ploy didn't work.  On our swim bags, I just left the flap open and she let me get by with it. :)

So, I was left with getting out my sewing machine manual and conquering my fear of sewing a buttonhole!!!

Here's the funny part - it took me longer to find my manual than it did to read the instructions and actually make the buttonhole!!!  I couldn't believe it.  Within a minute literally, I had a perfectly sewn buttonhole!!!  I don't know what I was always so scared of!!!

I think, every machine comes with a buttonhole foot.  My machine has a sensor on the buttonhole foot and all I do is plug it in and tell the machine what size and it just sews it - it's that easy!!!!

I thought this is too good to be true, what was I fearing all these years?  So I got out the manual for my cheap $60 Walmart machine.  Sure enough, it has a buttonhole foot as well.  It wasn't quite as automatic as my machine, but it was a simple 3 click process!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!

This just goes to show you that "Old dogs can learn new tricks" and you can too!!!  So, get out your manual and check out how easy it is to actually sew a buttonhole.  I bet you didn't know how easy it is!!!  My only suggestion is do a practice one to get positioning down before actually sewing on your final product. 

Also, I wasn't going to let my daughter get off that easy.  If I had to learn how to sew a buttonhole, she was going to learn how to sew on a button!!!  You heard me right, she's made quilts, but has never sewn on a button!!!  So, I taught her how to sew on a button (HaHa).  Now we both learned something!!!


  1. After many years of sewing, I still do a practice run every time I sew a buttonhole, and that's with an automatic buttonholer. Must be from the days of having nothing other than a zig zag stitch.

  2. Exactly! Definitely something that seems scary but can be overcome. A practice is a good idea every time!


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